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a smarter way of business

Specialised provider in the services for creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for businesses


Video is the ultimate communication tool for a modern day business


We know that video is the simplest way to communicate your business process 


Video always gives the consistant message on culture, practice, and site specifics. 

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Complete Solution for your Process Recording and Staff Training


Identify the SOPs to be covered: Determine which standard operating procedures (SOPs) need to be covered in the video. This may involve reviewing existing SOP documents, consulting with subject matter experts, and prioritising based on factors such as risk and frequency of use.


Video management services include the management of your SOP videos on a platform, updating them on request, and providing a short comprehension quiz for staff inductions. Our service ensures that you meet your PCBUs responsibilities under NZ WorkSafe Act, including records management.


Develop a script in the process and any relevant safety precautions or considerations. Film the video onsite, Edit the video, and add any necessary graphics, text, or voiceover narration to make the detail clear and easy to understand.

What we do
Why Video Works


Video learning continues to grow as a preferred medium of learning and development, it's clear, simple to follow, and therefore effective. 


It’s a better connection with the Millennials - currently a big issue with companies and the new generation of employees. The video provides mobile learning options for staff. 


75% of an employee survey said they are more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles.


What are some of the reasons this video is not adopted 

  • Relying on what's worked in the past. 

  • Some content to tick the box and say learning is covered. 


 5 good reasons to consider Video for staff training

Human Memory 


7 days after a training session average employees will have forgotten 65% of the material covered. After 6 months that jumps to 90%. 

With the addition of visual aids (video), the immediate jumps by 9% and will lift longer-term comprehension by 80%.




Recording a training session allows your company to make the session available online for everyone, ready for playback whenever your viewer has time. And as video search capabilities have improved you can search for specific content with ease, reducing the issues created by lack of knowledge in the workplace. 


Legal Risks 


Due to its ability to increase knowledge retention rates and reduce the time that exists between employee onboarding and sensitive decision-making, video training increases compliance and reduces legal risks, such as the risk of infractions to the legislation around Worksafe and employment law. 


Consistency of Message


Video training provides a portable, consistent learning experience for every employee and ensures that everyone receives that critical information the same way, regardless of who conducts the training. 

Language and Learning Difficulties

Internationalism has well and truly changed the employee landscape in New Zealand and often given the New Zealand ancient can make comprehension of instruction difficult. With subtitles in employees' native language, and learning in their own time. Help your staff become effective faster than some of the traditional learning methods. 



Do you offer a complete package? 

We do it all, simply send us your existing documents and we will respond with either a site visit or an estimate with all the details. That's about as hard as it gets for you. 

What if we want to change our video?

No problem, its pretty easy to make changes, just let us know what they are we let you know what's involved - and it's done. 

Can I integrate videos with my existing platforms?

Yes, you can. We can include our video to your in-house systems We are very compatible with Whosonlocation for example and know our way around this system, so can set that up for you. 

How much of my time do you need to get this working?

Less than you think, We are not into the big production costs for making a video, all we need is to be pointed in the right direction. 

Is it expensive?

Generally, we save our clients money, The time it takes to prepare documents properly, cost to deliver is usually higher in terms of staff costs than it is to outsource and convert to video.  And when the same information is delivered by personal many times, the cost savings are significant. 

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is defined as a mix of traditional learning techniques, (person to person training) with more modern E-Learning techniques, which produces a higher degree of understanding, and improvement of the cost of learning.


Explain comprehension testing?

We provide an online quiz/multi-choice style questionnaire, which reinforces the key components of the video, giving you a record that the information presented is understood by staff.  

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About Nick Hurst,

Founder of SmartVideos




Meet Nick Hurst:
As the founder of SmartVideos, Nick Hurst brings over 12 years of

expertise in creating training and induction videos for businesses.

Nick's journey began with a passion for making engaging videos,

which led him to specialize in explainer-style videos—a niche that demands a deep understanding of processes and the ability to convey them in a digestible format.


Expertise in Training Videos:
Nick's commitment to crafting useful training and induction videos stems from his ability to create engaging content that covers all relevant information while eliminating unnecessary details. With extensive experience in developing animations and delivering clean and efficient video edits, Nick is a recognized leader in the field.


End-to-End Solutions:
Beyond video production, Nick has developed end-to-end solutions for training, including platforms for hosting videos and custom apps with QR code accessibility. These platforms streamline the training process, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.


Health and Safety Consultant:
Nick's experience extends beyond video production into the realm of health and safety consulting. He has worked with various industries, including construction, transport, and the primary sector, offering valuable insights and solutions to ensure compliance and safety in the workplace.


Business Acumen:
With nine years of experience in business and corporate banking as a relationship manager across New Zealand, the UK, Europe, and Australia, Nick brings a wealth of business understanding to SmartVideos. His background in commerce and business management further enhances his ability to deliver tailored solutions to clients.


Personal Interests:
In his leisure time, Nick enjoys pursuits such as fly fishing, wing foiling, and music. His passion for videography extends beyond the professional realm, reflecting his commitment to creativity and innovation in all aspects of life.

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