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Unlock Your Business Potential with SmartVideos


At SmartVideos, we are experts in communicating information effectively. By leveraging the power of video, we can efficiently transfer information to improve business profitability by targeting the following areas:

  • Enhance Onboarding and Training: Reduce costs in onboarding and training new staff, while increasing understanding and speed to getting new staff productive.

  • Optimise Business Processes for Profit: Our systems provide a tool to optimise business processes, ensuring continuous improvement and increased profitability.

  • Improve Sales Funnels and Client Onboarding: Videos guide clients through key details and steps, helping them understand your services and how to get the most from what you are selling.


At SmartVideos, we offer specialised video solutions designed to enhance business communication, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our services include:

  • Process Videos:

    • Create clear and engaging videos that detail specific business processes.

    • Ideal for training new staff and improving the efficiency of existing employees.

  • Induction and Onboarding Videos:

    • Develop comprehensive induction videos for new hires.

    • Ensure smooth onboarding, consistent training, and compliance with company standards.

  • Health and Safety Compliance Videos:

    • Produce videos that outline essential health and safety procedures.

    • Help businesses meet regulatory requirements and reduce workplace accidents.

  • Software Training Videos:

    • Create tutorials and custom explainer guides for businesses implementing new software systems.

    • Assist new clients in learning and effectively using the software, reducing the need for extensive support.

Additional Services include:

  • Marketing Videos:

    • Provides your business with a professional video editor for all your marketing and social media needs. Enhance your content with expert editing to create compelling, engaging videos that capture your audience's attention.

  • Induction and Training  Platform :

    • A complete Health and Safety system hosts your training materials, conducts comprehension testing, and maintains accurate records to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

  • Change Management:

    • A process change system designed to ensure improvements are effectively implemented. Our approach uses video to facilitate the analysis, optimisation, and implementation of process changes, ensuring smooth transitions and sustained efficiency improvements. 


Understanding Your Process

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Here, we focus on honing the information collected, taking into account safety considerations and exploring various methods to streamline processes. By collaborating with experts and analysing different approaches, we ensure that the final video reflects the most efficient and effective methods for your team.

Refining for Excellence

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In this initial phase, we delve deep into your operations, studying existing training materials and observing your team in action. This hands-on approach allows us to grasp the intricacies of your workflow, uncovering valuable insights that shape the foundation of your explainer video.

Clear Communication 

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We transform concepts into engaging videos. Using the best mix of voiceovers, visual demonstrations, animations, and diagrams, we create a comprehensive guide that is both informative and easy to understand. Ensuring that your team has access to clear and concise instructions, enhancing their performance and productivity.


Tools to help you identify how you can improve your bottom line with the use of our services 

Onboarding Cost Calculator, designed to help businesses understand the true cost of onboarding.

Calculator to calculate the opportunity for improvement to your team's knowledge base and process optimisation 

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