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You must watch the video and complete the inductions for the property you are on before you do 'any 'work or activity.


Quad Induction Icon .png
Hydrladder Induction.png
Tractor Induction.png
Tractor Prestart Icon .png
Hydraladda Prestart Icon .png

Pre Start Checks 

Quad Prestart Icon .png
Shift Change Tractor  Icon .png

Cross Shift Checks 

Shift Change Hyralada  Icon .png
Quad Shft Change Icon .png

You must submit an induction test before using any of the above equipment - Failing to do so is a breach of your terms of employment and is non-negoatiable

Report in Sick Button Icon .png
Incident  Button Icon .png
STAFF RESOURCES Button Icon .png
To do LIST Icon .png
Rectivve Maintence Icon .png
Euro Button Icon form  .png

Back Office

Dispatch List

Blue Rock Button Icon .png
Battery Hill Button Icon .png
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