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About Nick Hurst,

Founder of SmartVideos




Meet Nick Hurst:
As the founder of SmartVideos, Nick Hurst brings over 12 years of

expertise in creating training and induction videos for businesses.

Nick's journey began with a passion for making engaging videos,

which led him to specialize in explainer-style videos—a niche that demands a deep understanding of processes and the ability to convey them in a digestible format.


Expertise in Training Videos:
Nick's commitment to crafting useful training and induction videos stems from his ability to create engaging content that covers all relevant information while eliminating unnecessary details. With extensive experience in developing animations and delivering clean and efficient video edits, Nick is a recognized leader in the field.


End-to-End Solutions:
Beyond video production, Nick has developed end-to-end solutions for training, including platforms for hosting videos and custom apps with QR code accessibility. These platforms streamline the training process, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.


Health and Safety Consultant:
Nick's experience extends beyond video production into the realm of health and safety consulting. He has worked with various industries, including construction, transport, and the primary sector, offering valuable insights and solutions to ensure compliance and safety in the workplace.


Business Acumen:
With nine years of experience in business and corporate banking as a relationship manager across New Zealand, the UK, Europe, and Australia, Nick brings a wealth of business understanding to SmartVideos. His background in commerce and business management further enhances his ability to deliver tailored solutions to clients.


Personal Interests:
In his leisure time, Nick enjoys pursuits such as fly fishing, wing foiling, and music. His passion for videography extends beyond the professional realm, reflecting his commitment to creativity and innovation in all aspects of life.

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