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Lease to Own video allows you to spread the cost of video production over the term of useful life (up to 5 years) with equal monthly payments. 


Whilst under the lease contract, your videos are hosted on the smartvideos platform for access anytime online (via a direct link or embedding into your own website), and then yours to own once the lease expires.



What if I change my mind and want to buy the video later?


At any time you can pay the difference between the lease already paid, and the total cost of the video. 


What if I need to make changes to my videos?


To change the videos in any way, is simply a matter of letting us know what your changes are and we will make these changes. The costs can be added to the remaining lease payment term or paid directly (depending on the details of the changes). 

What happens if I miss payments?


If you miss payments we notify you - if not rectified and your access to the platform is suspended until payments are made. 


Lease to own T&C's
  • Upon first payment via lease sum, constitutes an agreement to the lease to own terms and conditions. 

  • Payment terms are determined at the end of production costs or on fixed price. 

  • Payment of the first instalment constitutes an agreement of lease period payment and service. 

  • Lease payments also include a time cost of money. 

  • Copying the videos is prohibited during the lease term, and will be in Copywrite breach. 

  • Termination within 90 days of production will incur 60% of production costs

  • If payments stop before the end of term, videos are no longer available for use until payments have been made. 

General terms
  • All RAW footage will be held for variations and changes.  

  • All and any video/content/practices will remain confidential, not be used/reproduced without prior consent. 

  • Annual platform rental charges maintain video library platform costs. 

  • Online questionnaires/inductions, SMS notifications, Email Notifications have specific charges based on usage. 

  • Pay as you go - general rate card for Shooting $100/hour + Editing $130/hour at ex GST, invoiced and payable monthly.

  • Fixed price quotes excludes any post variations. 

Payment terms

On delivery

  • Payment terms less than 30 days post-delivery of the first cut.


  • Post-production edit requests constitute variations. 

  • Talent arranged by the client.

  • Travel expenses to be paid by the client.

  • Any spelling and grammar changes are without charge and spotting out is appreciated.

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